SOP on Fumigation



The objective of this SOP is To lay down the procedure for fumigation of Microbiology Laboratory of Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


This SOP shall be applicable to Microbiology Department of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry


Microbiologist or his designee shall be responsible for Fumigation in Microbiology Laboratory and controlled Manufacturing Area.

   The Head of Microbiology is responsible for effective implementation of the SOP.



Fumigation machine


2.0% Siliviside  Solution


AHU should be put OFF 10 minutes before the fumigation starts.

Cover the electronic equipment with a plastic sheet.

 Make sure the area to be fumigated cleaned thoroughly.

After 24hrs of fumigation switch on the exhaust blowers and allow the blowing to remove the traces fumes completely.

Use proper safety apparel such as gowns, rubber hand gloves and safety goggles during fumigation of the lab.

Fumigation Procedure:

Connect the machine electric plug to the main supply.
 Keep the machine 2 feet above the ground level.
Open the lid of the tank.
Add 980 Ml purified water & 20 ml  of 2.0% Silvicide solution and close the lid.
Adjust the blower at approximately 45° angle.
 Put on the MAIN switch.
 Switch on the blower.
Fogger starts emitting fine fog.
Keep the fog generator control minimum, to get fine particles of the Silvicide solution.
Keep the fogger on till it forms sufficient fog in the area and then shift to another area.
After fumigation keep all the doors closed..

Frequency: Once in a week or if the microbial counts exceed the limits in Microbiology Testing area .

5.0 Training

As per Employee Training SOP.

6.0 Annexure

Annexure I   :  Fumigation Record

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