SOP for Volumetric Glassware


  • Objective:

The purpose of this SOP is to lay down a procedure the guidelines regarding storage and handling of volumetric glassware’s so as to make the same available within short time to analyst and also to maintain the accuracy of analysis by periodic inspection of these glassware’s in order to remove chipped and broken glassware’s from the stock.

  • SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable mainly for volumetric glassware’s i.e. Volumetric Flasks, Pipettes, and Burettes etc. in Quality Control Department at manufacturing facility.    

    • Analyst / Section Head or his designee shall be responsible for follow the SOP.
    • The Head of Quality Department or his designee shall be responsible and implementation of the SOP.
    • After receiving any lot of volumetric apparatus from supplier, QC Chemist will check the certificate for accuracy before mixing into the existing stock.
    • After ensuring the certificate of calibrated glassware, the glassware’s will be handed over to Lab. Attendant for proper storage.
    • Following areas have been designated for storage of different types of glassware’s:
      • Pipettes: Pipette shall be stored in the cupboard.
      • Burettes: Burette shall be stored in the cupboard.
      • Volumetric Flask: Volumetric flask of all the strengths shall be stored in the cupboard. Volumetric flasks of higher capacity shall be arranged properly in upright position.
    • All the glass wares shall be thoroughly cleaned by Lab. Attendant as per SOP for “Cleaning of Glassware used in Chemical and Instrument Analysis”.
    • Before transferring to specified places, all these glass wares shall be inspected to ensure a thorough drying and absence of any residue left over.
    • Broken or chipped volumetric glass wares should be immediately informed to QC Head.
    • Analyst shall inspect all the glassware’s meant for volumetric analysis routinely and remove any broken Pipettes, Burettes and Volumetric Flasks from the active stock.
    • Where appropriate, if the repair of such glassware’s is possible e.g. volumetric flask, where accuracy of volume is not affected, same will be sent for repairs. Pipettes and Burettes with broken tips and chipped ends shall be removed from the stock and destroyed.

As per SOP


As per SOP



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