Handling of Pharmaceutical Market Complaint

Principle. All complaints and other information concerning potentially defective products should be carefully reviewed according to written procedures and the corrective action should be taken.

A person responsible for handling the complaints and deciding the measures to be taken should be designated, together with sufficient supporting staff to assist him or her. If this person is different from the authorized person, the latter should be made aware of any complaint, investigation or recall.

There should be written procedures describing the action to be taken, including the need to consider a recall, in the case of a complaint concerning a possible product defect.

Special attention should be given to establishing whether a complaint was caused because of counterfeiting.

 Any complaint concerning a product defect should be recorded with all the original details and thoroughly investigated. The person responsible for quality control should normally be involved in the review of such investigations.

 If a product defect is discovered or suspected in a batch, consideration should be given to whether other batches should be checked in order to determine whether they are also affected. In particular, other batches that may contain reprocessed product from the defective batch should be investigated.

Where necessary, appropriate follow-up action, possibly including product recall, should be taken after investigation and evaluation of the complaint.

All decisions made and measures taken as a result of a complaint should be recorded and referenced to the corresponding batch records.

 Complaints records should be regularly reviewed for any indication of specific or recurring problems that require attention and might justify the recall of marketed products.

The competent authorities should be informed if a manufacturer is considering action following possibly faulty manufacture, product deterioration, counterfeiting or any other serious quality problems with a product.

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