SOP for Management and Restricted Movement of Computers and their Accessories


The purpose of this SOP is to lay down a procedure for management and restricted movement of computers and their accessories.


This SOP is applicable to management and restricted movement of computers and their accessories at manufacturing facility of …


Authorized designee of IT department shall be responsible for preparation of SOP & movement of computers & accessories.   

Head-IT department shall be responsible for review of SOP & to ensure the movement of computer & accessories.  

Head-Quality assurance shall be responsible for approval of the SOP & proper implementation of SOP.


Respective department shall inform to information technology department if any Issues observed related to computers and their accessories during working.  

IT Person evaluates the issue and tries to repair it if possible. If any part needs to replace, it will replaced from existing IT inventory. 

If not possible to repair within time than IT will replaces complete set of CPU or Monitors or Printers or UPS etc. as and when applicable with available stand by inventory.  

Now problematic CPU or Monitor or Printer or UPS etc. are repaired and placed in IT inventory for future replacement.  

If any computer related to processing equipment or any critical activity, information technology department inform to quality assurance department for further discussion and action. 

Quality assurance department evaluate the issues and suggest to information technology department for further action (If required).

Information technology department shall maintain the list of computer and their accessories and any other material handled through IT department according to Annexure I. 

Information technology department maintain the identification on computer & accessories according to mention in the list.  

Number on the computer & accessories for QC workstation will be follow as:


W                          :  Work Station  

 XX                       :  Name of the organization   

WW                      :  Block code

“-“                          :  Hyphen  

YYY                      :  Serial number 

            Example: WAV-001

Number on the computer & accessories for QC workstation (QC Instrument PC) will be follow as:


VVV                     :  Location code   

 WW                      :  Department code  

“-“                          :  Hyphen   

X                            :  Instrument Identification code

YY                         :  Name of the organization   

ZZZ                        :  Serial number 

            Example: MUMQC-IAV001

Number on the computer & accessories for Others (All departments) will be follow as:


WWW                   :  Location code   

 XX                       :  Name of the organization   

YY                        :  Department code 

ZZ                         :  Serial number    

           Example: MUMAVIT01    


Trainer:     Head – Information Technology 

Trainees:  All department & Sectional Head  


Controlled Copy 1 :  Head of Department – Quality Assurance

Controlled Copy 2 :  Head of Department – IT 

Original copy              :  Head of Quality Assurance 


Annexure I         :  List of IT Instrument / Equipments 




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