SOP For Operation, Maintenance And Calibration Of Ultrasonic Water Bath

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to lay down the procedure for Operation, maintenance and Calibration of Ultrasonic Water Bath.

      1. Fill the Water bath with water up to height of minimum 7cm from bottom of tank. Whenever the Ultrasonic Water Bath is required with specific temperature then heater to be kept “ON”.
      1. Ensure that there is no leakage of water from water bath.
      1. Do not put any heavy objects on the bottom of the tank as it can damage the transducers. Always use tray supplied with ultrasonic bath.
      1. Ensure that liquid does not splash on the controls and switches.
  • Basic Operation :Connect the Ultrasonic Water Bath to the main power supply with the connecting plug the cleaner into grounded outlet after power on the temperature displays the actual environment temperature time and temperature default as the last setting ones.( 3 minutes default time for initial use temperature display 0°C)Press + Button adjustable for timer working time increase 1 minute hold the key the time raised by 10 minutes continuous in the contrary.Press – Button adjustable for timer working time reduce 1 minute hold the key the reduced by 10 minutes continuous the cleaning stops when the counts down 00:00.Press Button for heating key for temperature setting with the range 0°C-80°C.Press + Button adjustable for heating a time temperature will rise 1°C holding the key temperature will rise continuously with 10°C in the contrary.Press – Button temperature reduce 1°C holding the key temperature reduced continuously with 10°C usually the best results are with 40°C-60°C.When setting the temperature if the setting temperature exceed the environment temperature Press button heating key the heating working and indicator light up below the environment temperature heating can’t start and the indicator light turn off.Heating won’t shut off automatically when the environment temperature below the setting press Button heating key in to stop heating (heating can’t stop if you don’t press Button heating key).After time and temperature setting press Button heating key en press any other keys Degas,Soft, Normal Machine start to work indicator light up if need to stop heating or ultrasonic press corresponding key again then corresponding indicator lights turn off.Machine stop working after 8hours working time (power saving mode) in this made machine restored to the standby state once you press any key.Three ultrasonic working mode:Degas mode: Press Degas Button intermittent operation of ultrasonic power for rapid removal of entrained air from liquids ultrasonic work 6 seconds and stop 2 seconds same cycle to be proceed & press Degas key again to stop it.Normal mode: Press Normal Button to start the normal faction strong ultrasonic power with large current press again to stop it.Soft mode: Press Soft Button to start soft function continuous slight variation of ultrasonic frequency to eliminate hot spots dead zones and standing waves press again to stop it. During working you will hear the “sizzling“ voice that means the cleaner running properly.
  • MAINTENANCE  : Ensure system is off and disconnect the power cable from the main socket before cleaning.Clean the water bath and replace the water on daily basis or as and when the water gets turbid.

            Calibration Frequency: Yearly

  • Carry out the Calibration of temperature indicator controller with sensor and time by an approved external party.

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