SOP For Cleaning of Cotton Inserter Machine


The Purpose of this SOP is to provide procedure for operation Cotton/ Rayon inserter machine.

  1. SCOPE:

This Standard Operation Procedure is applicable for operation of Cotton/Rayon inserter machine at manufacturing facility of XXX.

  1. Officer/ Executive shall be responsible for the effective operation of cotton inserter machine as per procedure.
  2. Head of production department shall be responsible for the effective implementation of the procedure.
  1. Do not touch moving part of the machine.
  2. Use hand gloves and snoods during operation.
  3. During operation all moving parts should be covered with safety guard.
  4. Ensure that external earthing is provided to machine.
    1. Ensure that all the machine parts are cleaned as per SOP. 
    2. Remove the ‘CLEANED ‘label and put ‘USE FOR ‘label on the machine as per SOP. 
    3. Machine Operation 
      1. Put ‘ON‘ the mains of cotton / rayon inserter machine.
      2. Switch ‘ON‘ the power on the touch screen by turning of the key Switch then ‘ COUNTEC‘ logo screen will display . On touching the screen, PLC will display the ‘MAIN CONTROL ‘ menu.
      3. Then Operating mode is displayed on the screen.
      4. Mount the cotton / rayon roll on the machine through the cotton supporters and by operating ‘ROLLER UP  DOWN’ from the PLC as shown in below diagram.
  1. Adjust the height of the cotton / rayon tube with the help of hand wheel depending upon the height of the bottle / container to be used in a such a way that the mouth of the cotton tube comes exactly over mouth of the tube as shown in below diagram.
  1. Adjust the pusher in such a way that it goes perfectly inside the bottle without touching the edges of bottle’s mouth. Adjust the position of the bottle / container stopper II as shown in below diagram.
  1. Adjust the height of cotton / rayon sensor as per the height of the bottle / container. it should sense the presence of cotton inside the bottle / container as shown in below diagram.
  1. Adjust the required cotton / rayon length and number of cotton pieces to be inserted from the PLC and adjust cotton stopper in such a way that the centre of cotton piece comes under the lower pusher.
  2. Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt considering the cotton / rayon insertion time, stopper time and block time feed to the PLC.
  3. Adjust the cotton sensor in such a way when the bottle / container comes in front of the sensor, the rotating tube assembly should be functioning properly.
  4. Check the functioning of rejection unit by removing cotton / rayon from the bottle / container. The bottle / container without cotton / rayon should be rejected by the rejection unit. 
  5. Close the safety door properly.

Trainer :  Head – Packaging 

Trainees :  Production Department


Controlled Copy No.1 :  Head of Department – Quality Assurance

Controlled Copy No.2 :  Head of Department – Packaging  

Original Copy :  Head – Quality Assurance 






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