SOP For Pest & Rodent Control

SOP For Pest & Rodent Control

Objective :-

To lay out the procedure of the Pest & Rodent control in the manufacturing Plant.

Scope :-

The SOP is applicable for Pest & Rodent control in the manufacturing Plant.

Responsibility :-

Housekeeping department officer/Executives  shall be Responsible for effective application OF SOP For Pest  & Rodent Control.

Procedure :-

  • All Pest control activity shall be done by outside pest control agency.
  • Annual contract shall be done with outside pest control agency.
  • The pest control activity shall be performed on weekly basis.
  • The name of the pest control company or the name of the person contracted for the pest control program shall be mentioned on agreement.
  • Agreement of pest control activity shall be done for yearly/two yearly or as per need basis.
  • Outline of Pest control shall established.
  • The list of chemicals used, the concentration in accordance with label instructions, the location where applied, method and frequency of application shall be mentioned in Agreement.
  • A map of pest control devices which are monitored to ensure that the needs of the establishment are met shall be done.
  • Describes pest control program including controls for rodents, insects, birds, pets etc. Criteria shall be describe how monitoring is conducted by the establishment or outside contractor. Also includes applicable pest control devices and their locations (e.g. maps) and chemical application.
  • The person who shall be involved in pest & rodent control activity, shall be trained and must wear proper gown, nose mask, hand gloves & shoe cover.
  • Storage of pesticide shall not be permitted in manufacturing premises.
  • Only emulsifiable concentrate grade pesticides with known antidote shall be allows to use as per instructions mentioned in Agreement.
  • Pest control activity shall be done in the presence of admin department personnel.

Rodent control:-

  1. The “Glue Pad” shall be placed inside the Roda box for controlling the rodents by the contractor’s trained personnel fortnightly and record shall be maintained.
  2. Roda Boxes shall be inspected every week, unless a need for increased inspections occurs. There are X traps in the plant (this could be increased).
  3. In house inspection of Roda boxes shall be done by housekeeping personnel.
  4. While doing the inspection, check to ensure the 18-inch border next to the wall is clear of material. If not, remove material to maintain.
  5. Rodent shall bury and records shall be maintain.

Insect control:-

  1. For controlling the insects, Insectocutor shall be placed at each entry point and wherever necessary.
  2. Insects controlled by electric flying insect eradicators. All lights shall be remain on 24 hours a day.
  3. Catch trays shall be emptied under electrostatic units weekly while sticky pads should be monitored and replaced when needed.
  4. The numbers of insect and their type shall be count daily and their record shall be maintain.
  5. Insectocutor try shall clean on daily basis and the killed insect shall bury & record shall maintain accordingly.

Safety Precautions :-

  • The insecticides/ Pesticides used are highly toxic and so avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Inhalation should be avoided during spraying.
  • Oral ingestion to be avoided.
  • In case of poisoning antidotes shall be available in manufacturing plant.


  • Pest Control Record
  • Rodent box inspection record
  • Chemicals to be used for pest & rodent control
  • Insectocutor log record
  • List of Insectocutors

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  1. I have been browsing on-line greater than 3 hours these days, but I never discovered any fascinating article like yours.

    It is pretty worth enough for me. In my view, if all web owners and bloggers made just right content as you
    did, the internet will be a lot more helpful than ever before.

    1. map will be as per manufacturing unit’s entry exit. most of times pest control agencies will give it to you, since they are expert in the area.

  2. A useful read. Do you know of any limits that have been agreed for rodents or insects. We are well controlled but I cannot find any information on MHRA limits for either rodents or insects.

    1. yes. there is no written limits for rodents and insects since it can be vary on geographically. so the limit shall be in-house as per your area which will be based on insect count you’re getting daily.

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