SOP For Usage of access Control System


The purpose of this SOP is to lay down the procedure for the usage of Access Control System.

  1. SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable for the usage of access control system at manufacturing facility of XXX

    1. Individual department head:
      1. To apply for access control system access & allocate area of the access.
      2. To ensure all employees shall follow the procedure for the operation of access control system.
    2. Information Technology:
      1. For allocation & deactivation of access of employee based on the application received from concern Dept. Head.
      2. To maintain the record of Access allocation & deactivation.
    3. Quality Assurance:
      1. Head Quality assurance shall be responsible to approve the access allocation & deactivation application. 


  1. Precaution: 
    1. Group entry like on access by one authorized personnel entry of other authorized personnel or unauthorized personnel should be restricted.
    2. In case of entry of Contract workers in restricted area, the entry shall be carried out in presence of concern Section head or Dept. head.
    3. Visitor / Auditors access shall be accompanied by responsible employee of XXX
    4. Access is to be used only for official related tasks.
  2. Access allocation procedure: 
    1. For existing employees, door access rights to be assigned as per their work areas by IT Department with approval from concerns head of the departments & finally Head QA.
    2. After completion of induction program of new employee, application shall be initiated by P&A Department with detail information of employee as per Annexure-II and same shall be forward to concern department head.
    3. Head of the concern department shall decide to give access rights to employee based on work areas to be allocated to employee and forward to Head QA for approval as per annexure-II.
    4. Based on the approval from QA, P&A Department shall intimate to IT Department to create access control access for particular employee as per the received annexure-II.
    5. The final signed copy shall be archived at IT Department.
  3. Access deactivation procedure: 
    1. If any employee leaves from the company, P&A department shall intimate to concern department head for withdrawal of door access rights through Annexure-IV.
    2. Based on the above intimation received from concern department, IT department shall withdraw the door access rights of particular employee from access control system.
    3. The final signed copy shall be archived at IT Department.
  4. Reissuance of access control access:
    1. In event of denied entry by instrument to authorized employee’s, the employee shall inform to IT department immediately after approval by respective department head & head QA through Annexure-III.
    2. Based on the request received from employee & approval of Head QA, IT department shall do evaluation & teach to system. 
    3. IT department shall withdraw/ Remove all door access rights of relevant employee issued previously.
    4. A fresh access shall be issued to employee by assigning door access rights as issued previously.
    5. The final signed copy shall be archived at IT Department.

4.5. Entry Procedure

  1. The procedure shall be followed in order to maintain Access Control System in good condition.
  2. Access Control System having bio matrix at entry and push button at exit.
  3. Before opening the door put finger on access control system console if the person is authorized then door will open with blue LED light glow and if the person unauthorized then red LED light glow.
  4. When the beep sound heard from the reader with blue LED indication then remove the finger from the front of the console and it shows an indication that access is allowed to the particular person and this entry time is stored inside the Access controller system memory. 

Exit Procedure

  1. Press the push button for exit.
  2. Pull the door for exit from area.

I.T. Department shall maintain the Access control Authorize & Unauthorized Person Log. TRAINING:

Trainer:   Head – Information Technology 

Trainee:   Staff & employees of company


Controlled Copy 1  :  Head of Department – Quality Assurance

Controlled Copy 2 :  Head of Department – Information Technology 

Controlled Copy 3  :  Head of Department – Quality Control

Controlled Copy 4  :  Head of Department – Engineering

Controlled Copy 5  :  Head of Department – Production

Controlled Copy 6  :  Head of Department – Store

Controlled Copy 7  :  Head of Department – Packing

Controlled Copy 8  :  Head of Department – P&A

Original Copy:   Quality Assurance


Annexure I             :  Employee detail & Privileges of access control system

Annexure II            :  Activation record for access control

Annexure II            :  Re-Issuance record of access control

Annexure IV           :  Withdrawal record of access control




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