SOP On Disposal of Waste Generated in Quality Control Lab

The purpose of this SOP is to lay down a procedure for disposal of waste generated in Quality control department. This SOP is applicable to Quality Control Department in Quality Control Department at manufacturing facility of Pharmaceutical Industry.


All used chemicals, Reagents and analyzed products shall be stored in HDPE containers after making slurry with suitable solvents. The container shall be properly sealed and labeled as “Disposal waste from QC”.

Such containers shall be stored only in the washing room of quality control department under proper covering.

Cyanide waste shall be detoxified using 10% w/v Sodium hypo chloride solution and transferred to the container.

Analyzed Bromine shall be detoxified using 5% w/v Sodium thiosulfate solution and transferred to the disposal container.

Proper care shall be taken while making slurry and disposal. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be used at the time of disposal.

The collected slurry shall be disposed to ETP equalization point with the prior permission from Environmental Management Representative.

The waste shall be disposed & documented in collection and disposal records under the supervision of wet lab In charge.


As per SOP of Employee Training




Annexure –I                 : Disposal of Waste



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