SOP On Dispose The Toxic Waste Materials

The purpose of this SOP is to lay down a procedure for dispose the toxic waste materials generated in the laboratory in a safe manner.

This SOP is applicable for toxic chemicals namely Bromine Solution and Cyanogen Bromide Solution, being used in Quality Control Department of Pharmaceutical Industry.

    • Safety in handling toxic waste:
      • Use surgical gloves, nose mask, safety goggles, apron etc.
      • Refer the MSDS of the particular toxic Chemicals before handling.
      • The materials containing toxic chemicals, which are not in use, to be discarded and to be considered as toxic waste for disposal.
      • Identify a stopper bottle of 2.5Lit capacity for storing the discarded toxic waste.
      • Label the bottle as “TOXIC WASTE – MATERIAL FOR   DISPOSAL “bottle and place it in a safe place.
      • Fill the bottle with 500 ml of 20 % sodium hydroxide solution.
  • Use glass funnel for transferring the toxic waste material into the labeled    bottle.
    • Rinse the funnel with Tap water and collect the rinsing in the same bottle   and close the bottle.
    • Add about 1 to 1.5 Lit of tap water in the bottle to dilute the toxic waste   material before discarding.  Discard the waste material collected in the bottles under a continuous stream of water Add about 500ml of 20% Sodium hydroxide solution to a 2.5lit. Bottle, stopper the bottle and keep ready for next toxic was disposal.
    • Follow the following procedures for disposal of cyanogenbromide solution used in Chlorpheniramine Maleate Test Procedure.
    • Collect all the reagents containing Cyanogen Bromide in 2.5 litre stoppered bottle having label of “Toxic Waste Material for disposal”.
    • When the bottle is about half filled, add 500 ml of 20% sodium hypochlorite solution (Bleaching powder), stir well and allow standing for 24hours.
    • Dispose all the content in a normal way under the continuous stream of water.

Note:  In case of any problem/emergency situation, please contact Q.A. Executive or Q.A. Manager, immediately.


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