SOP on Inspection And Maintenance of Desiccator

The purpose of this SOP is to lay down a procedure for Inspection and Maintenance of Desiccators.

This SOP is applicable for the Inspection and Maintenance of Desiccators in Quality Control Department at manufacturing facility of  Pharmaceutical Industry.


On receipt of Silica, dry the Silica at 105°C for 3hours.

Store the dried silica that is left back after adding a quantity to the dessicator in an oven constantly.

Dried silica is placed in a desicators for further use of the desicator.

For glass dessicator apply silicone wax to the ends of the both lower cup and upper lid of the dessicator.

Always keep the dessicator in closed condition so as to avoid the moisture to enter the dessicator.

Change the silica after every 15days.

Observe the silica visually for its color change from blue to pink and pink to white. If such color change is observed, change the silica.

Place a tag on the dessicator mentioning the details of dessicator number, date of change of silica, and due date of change of silica.


As per SOP on Employee Training


As per SOP on SOP


Annexure I:                 Status Label for Silica Gel



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