December 2019

Validation Master Plan

Validation Master Plan A manufacturer should have a VMP which reflects the key elements of validation. It should be concise and clear and contain at least the following: ‒title page and authorization (approval signatures and dates); ‒table of contents; ‒abbreviations and glossary; ‒validation policy; ‒philosophy, intention and approach to validation; ‒roles and responsibilities of relevant […]

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Complaints And Recalls Handling In API Manufacturing Unit- Pharma

COMPLAINTS AND RECALLS All quality related complaints, whether received orally or in writing, should be recorded and investigated according to a written procedure. Complaint records should include: − Name and address of complainant; − Name (and, where appropriate, title) and phone number of person submitting the complaint; − Complaint nature (including name and batch number

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Guideline for Buidlings & Facilities

BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES Design and Construction  Buildings and facilities used in the manufacture of intermediates and APIs should be located, designed, and constructed to facilitate cleaning, maintenance, and operations as appropriate to the type and stage of manufacture. Facilities should also be designed to minimize potential contamination. Where microbiological specifications have been established for the

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SOP on Cleaning Validation

OBJECTIVE  : The objectives of good manufacturing practices (GMP) include the prevention of possible contamination and cross-contamination of pharmaceutical starting materials and products. SCOPE  : These SOP describe the general aspects of cleaning validation, Normally cleaning validation would be applicable for critical cleaning such as cleaning between manufacturing of one product and another, surfaces that

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