Sterile Pharmaceutical products

Production of sterile pharmaceutical products

In the pharmaceutical industry, the production of sterile products is critical to ensuring the safety and efficacy of medications. Sterile products are those that are free from living organisms and are not contaminated with harmful microorganisms. The process of producing sterile products is called aseptic manufacturing. Aseptic manufacturing involves the use of sterile equipment, sterile […]

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Microbiology Microbiology is the crucial section of Sterile Pharmaceutical products, it is very Important in Non- Sterile Products. Microbiology section is divided in following sections;  Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing.(USP <51>)(Ph. Eur. general texts 5.1.3)  Microbial Examination of Non-Sterile Products.( USP <61>,<62>)(Ph. Eur. method 2.6.13./2.6.12) Sterility Testing.(USP <71>),(Ph. Eur. method 2.6.1) Bacterial Endotoxin Testing.( USP <85>) Particulate

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