SOP For Operation of Oscillating Granulator

The purpose of this standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to lay down a procedure for operation of Oscillating Granulator.

  • SCOPE:

This SOP is applicable for the operation of Oscillating Granulator at manufacturing facility.

3.1                 Officer/ Executive shall be responsible for operation of Oscillating Granulator Head of production department shall be responsible for effective implementation of operation of oscillating Granulator.
      • Before operating the Oscillating Granulator.ensure that Oscillating Granulator and its parts are cleaned as per SOP. Check the area cleanliness as per SOP.
      • Ensure that the main switch is ‘OFF’ before setting the machine.
      • Fix the blade to the rotor and then fix the rotor to the central shaft of the Oscillating Granulator Tight the rotor properly, Checked the required S.S screen as per BMR and integrity, cleanliness as per cleaning SOP.
      • Fit the screen on the base of plate of the Oscillating Granulator and mount this assembly on Oscillating Granulator.Close the screen cover. Tighten the wings nuts.
      • Fix the belt on appropriate pulley, so as to gate required speed as per product BMR.
      • Fix the hopper and Fix appropriate lable.
  • OPERATION PROCEDURE : Take the line clearance as per SOP.
  • Put ‘ON’ the main and start the Oscillating Granulator l by ‘INCH’ mode andCheck for themovement of the blades is smooth. Set the direction of the blades as per product BMR.
    • Place empty drum with polythene bag or S.S bin with appropriate label below the

   Oscillating Granulator.

  • Feed the material through hopper manually and checked the quality of granules.
    • After batch completion  put ‘TO BE CLEANED’ label.


  • Record the activity in the area in area and equipment usage and cleaning log as per


    • Calibrate the equipment (rotor RPM).
    • Frequency: After every six month.

               S.S              : Stainless Less Steel.          

               SOP            : Standard Operating Procedure.

               RPM           : Revolution Per Minute.

               BMR          :  Batch Manufacturing Record.


Any abnormality in the functioning of Oscillating Granulator should be report to production



               Trainer                     : Head – Production/Designee

               Trainees                   :  Production Department Staff


Controlled Copy No.1         :  Head of Department – Quality Assurance

Controlled Copy No.2         :  Head of Department – Production Department

Original Copy                      :  Head – Quality Assurance




SOP of Equipment Cleaning Oscillating Granulator.

SOP of Cleaning of S.S sieve and screen.

SOP of Equipment And Area Cleaning and Usage Records.

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